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✘// A P P L I C A T I O N + G U I D E L I N E S

It is ESSENTIAL that you read these guidelines to be accepted into foreshock.

✘// Application Guidelines
♦ Player Info
Name: Your name. :3
Age: Anyone under 16 will NOT be accepted, sorry.
Journal: Your personal LJ.
Contact: Your email and messenger (preferably AIM or MSN).
Timezone/Availability: Your timezone and when you are/are not online.
Roleplay experience: How long have you been roleplaying, have you played the fandom before, etc. Pretty much whatever you want to tell us.
Games familiar with: Which of the FFVII compilation games have you played/Are you familiar with?

♦ Character Info
Character Name: If your character doesn't have a canon last name, make one up (unless you're a Turk).
Age: If you don't know, make a guess based on their appearance/the timeline.
Affiliation: ShinRa, AVALANCHE, Neutral, etc.
Occupation: What do they do?
Appearance: Physical appearance, style of dress, things of the sort.
Background: Your character's history up until game-start.
Personality: How they act, think, whatever.
Strengths: Better qualities and what they excel at.
Weaknesses: Faults and shortcomings.
Weapon(s)/Materia/Limits: If applicable.
Anything else? Anything else we should know.
Third-Person (Log) Sample: Sample tag should be at least 150 words, past tense. It should be in-character and should demonstrate as much of your character's voice as possible. Also, check your spelling and grammar, because the mods are spelling nazis. ♥
First-Person Sample: This sample should be the deciding factor on whether or not you understand your character's voice. You will be interacting with others like this much of the time, so it's very important. Though interaction is possible in first-person, *actions* should be downplayed, but if necessary, they should be in [brackets] or italicized. Journal format is acceptable since your character will be keeping one.

✘// Sample App (Original Character)
♦ Player Info
Name: Fey
Age: 27
Journal: caligogreywings
Contact: odessa.louverdis@gmail.com
Timezone/Availability: central; midday-late night
Roleplay experience: 8+ years on email, IMs, and MU*s.
Various themes, usually books, fantasy, and video games. Have been
staff of many games, wizard on one MUSH, and have run a few games of
my own.
Games familiar with: the gamut of the Final Fantasy line,
including FF7 (duh) and its compendium. Also familiar with much of
the historical basis for many summons, magics, weapons, etc.

♦ Character Info
Character Name: Odessa Louverdis
Age: 14 at start of game
Affiliation: ShinRa
Occupation: Shinra Materia Scientist
Appearance: At 14, she is tall for her age. Gawky, she has a pallor to her skin that speaks volumes of her pastimes being spentindoors. Dark brown hair, straight, is usually pulled back into a pony tail. She has dark brown eyes, with a luminescent intelligence behind them. Her largish ears are one of her insecurities, though if she were to listen to some people, they would tell her it is an endearing quality. Her somewhat boyish face and largish mouth is softened when she smiles-and she smiles often. Small shoulders frame a lithe, slim body, with long arms and hands, graceful fingers; she is only beginning to show any sign of girlish curves. She wears dark slacks, brown perhaps grey but she doesn't remember and doesn't pay attention, and a dark sweater. Over all, she wears the long white lab coat of a scientist, her badge pinned to the breast. Her pockets are often full of pens, scraps of paper, and candies. She sometimes wears glasses when she needs to see up close; they often slide to the end of her nose, causing a slight squint as she forgets to push them back up.

Background: Odessa grew up in ShinRa. Her father was a scientist, her mother a clerical assistant or some such who died when Odessa was very young. Her father often left Odessa to her own devices, being too distracted by his work. She dealt with it quite adult-like, finding her own quiet corners of ShinRa to read and study. She became intensely interested in material and mako production when the subject of the reactors had been introduced in her lessons. She knows Rufus, almost in an off-hand way, as "the boss's kid, be nice to him or we'll both be out of a place to live", as well as "that rich blond brat who doesn't seem to know the back end of a polite conversation if it kicked him in the face". She preferred the quiet kids in school anyways, being a quiet sort of person herself, and somehow managed to become, if not friends with Rufus, at least somewhat acquainted with him. After finishing primary school, she was
the chance to skip the Military academy like most ShinRa company children, and instead interned directly into the science department for the rest of her education—where she is now.
[Mod Note: Do not assume non-canon relationships/affiliations with canon characters without the permission of the mods or the approved character's mun. In this case, it was previously discussed and allowed.]

Personality: Odessa isn't one to judge, and is remarkably skilled in human interaction, unlike most scientists. She is good humored, her father having passed on a lightness of spirit that aided his adventurous outlook on science. Every failure was a chance to learn, he said, and she carried that with her into her own outlook. Stubborn at times, most often with projects, she can sometimes push herself too far, and too fast, in search of a solution or answer. She is spartan in most areas of her life—a few friends, a few belongings, a few small pleasurable things here and there.

Strengths: A strong will to seek out knowledge. Hard-working, smart, clever, and remarkably sociable. Good-natured, very slow to temper.
Weaknesses: Stubborn. Prefers to work alone. Perfectionist, though without fear of failure.

Weapon(s)/Materia/Limits: Not a fighter, she carries a Cure and an Esuna, occasionally a Regen (when working around Hojo). She has access to any material in the department, but would only ever consider taking them in an emergency.

Anything else?: She likes to try to cook, but she approaches it too scientifically, and often finds her dishes lack a certain something. Also, she is not creeped out by Hojo. She thinks he is a bit odd, yes, but recognizes that he is a brilliant scientist. She hopes to one day rise to his level within the science department, and also to gain the knowledge he has of Mako production and manipulation.

Third-Person (Log) Sample: Sweat dripped from the tall girl's
forehead. She wipes it from her forehead with a swipe of her shoulder, eyes squinching as she studies the page before her. Stirring carefully, the smells bubbling up from the pot before her, something seems off. She scans the recipe once again, but cannot find what it lacks. She tastes the concoction, its color a strange brownish-red, instead of the healthy vermillion in the sample picture. What could it be, she mused. She'd followed everything perfectly, and yet, once again, it just wasn't right. With a sigh, she tapped her stirring spoon clean on the edge of the pot, setting it down to rest on the spoon holder that kept the stove top clean. No matter what she did, she just couldn't seem to cook things quite right. She would need further experiments before she would admit defeat, however.

First-Person Sample: Well. That was interesting. My first day, and I didn't even get to see Daddy. Not that I expected too, he's working with the SOLDIERS now, and Professor Hojo. What I wouldn't give to be able to work with Prof. Hojo, and see how he handles the Mako treatment! I know Daddy is awfully excited to get this job, though the turnaround time on the position is a bit alarming. So far, the files show nothing happened to the previous holders, but it's still odd from a probability perspective. But I digress. Today was the first day, following my three week internship training. I am no longer an intern, but instead, am an assistant materia scientist in training! I've even been given my own coat, identification (no more "Visitor"!), and keycard. It's exciting, really, and tomorrow I'm told I get to tour the actual equipment.

Also, I had a grand failure again at the sauce I've been trying to make. I still can't understand what I've done wrong, and it lacks something my mother might have called "soul". Too bad she isn't around for me to ask. I'll have to figure out, or maybe there's another book in the library for me to research. I wish they taught us this in school!

✘// Application Form
Using the form below, please email your application to foreshockrpg [@] gmail.com. ♥

Be sure you have read the RULES, FAQ, and GUIDELINES before sending your application! That is all, and good luck! ♥
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