August 9th, 2008

FF7 Midgar

✘// A P P L I C A T I O N + G U I D E L I N E S

It is ESSENTIAL that you read these guidelines to be accepted into foreshock.

✘// Application Guidelines
♦ Player Info
Name: Your name. :3
Age: Anyone under 16 will NOT be accepted, sorry.
Journal: Your personal LJ.
Contact: Your email and messenger (preferably AIM or MSN).
Timezone/Availability: Your timezone and when you are/are not online.
Roleplay experience: How long have you been roleplaying, have you played the fandom before, etc. Pretty much whatever you want to tell us.
Games familiar with: Which of the FFVII compilation games have you played/Are you familiar with?

♦ Character Info
Character Name: If your character doesn't have a canon last name, make one up (unless you're a Turk).
Age: If you don't know, make a guess based on their appearance/the timeline.
Affiliation: ShinRa, AVALANCHE, Neutral, etc.
Occupation: What do they do?
Appearance: Physical appearance, style of dress, things of the sort.
Background: Your character's history up until game-start.
Personality: How they act, think, whatever.
Strengths: Better qualities and what they excel at.
Weaknesses: Faults and shortcomings.
Weapon(s)/Materia/Limits: If applicable.
Anything else? Anything else we should know.
Third-Person (Log) Sample: Sample tag should be at least 150 words, past tense. It should be in-character and should demonstrate as much of your character's voice as possible. Also, check your spelling and grammar, because the mods are spelling nazis. ♥
First-Person Sample: This sample should be the deciding factor on whether or not you understand your character's voice. You will be interacting with others like this much of the time, so it's very important. Though interaction is possible in first-person, *actions* should be downplayed, but if necessary, they should be in [brackets] or italicized. Journal format is acceptable since your character will be keeping one.

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✘// Application Form
Using the form below, please email your application to foreshockrpg [@] ♥

Be sure you have read the RULES, FAQ, and GUIDELINES before sending your application! That is all, and good luck! ♥