FF7 Midgar

Note From Jayy

Hey Guys,
I just wanted to write you all a note that says simple this: "COME BACK FROM HIATUS ALREADY, DAMMIT!"

NO seriously, Come back. With all you guys gone we can't really go anywhere with the plot D:

In other news, I'm dealing with the drama quite well. Fey and I are dealing with it together and we are all doing the best we can. We are recovering from the family visitations to the house now and we -should- have a bit more time to be around now. Don't hold me to that but I'm making a tentative promise. I <3 you guys.

FF7 Midgar

New Stuffs :3

Here we go. There are several things that have been discussed during the past week. We are greatful for all of your opinions and we are happy that we have been part of the building process of such a wonderful community. We hope that the following changes will help spur growth in the community. I will now go over the decisions that were made.

New Rules Regarding Applications.
Applicants will now be subjected to a "trial rp". Here's how this will work: The applicant and a character close to the character they are applying for will have a mock RP with a moderator present. The mod will monitor and give prompts if needed. If other characters are not available the applicant will rp directly with a mod.

New Rules Regarding Characters
Players will now be limited to one major and one minor canon characters or two minor canon characters. There will be a limit of three characters total. This will be subjected to mod discretion. Please remember that you have to keep all of your characters active in logs and in their personal journals.

New Characters Open
There are several characters who were taken that are now open. They will all be open for applications at this time. Please feel free to apply.

New Mod
We have picked one of our players to be a mod. We will contact that player personally before we announce officially. We hope to have this posted publicly within 24-48 hours.

Now, Here's the fun part. So we can keep everything straight, here is what I need you guys to do. I need you to post a comment here with the following information.

Player Name:
Email Address:
Status: (Are you here or are you on Hiatus)
Availabilty: (when you can play or when you will return from Hiatus)
*AIM, MSN, or Yahoo Name:
FF7 Midgar

✘// P R O M O

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Help us advertise!

FF7 Midgar

✘// A P P L I C A T I O N + G U I D E L I N E S

It is ESSENTIAL that you read these guidelines to be accepted into foreshock.

✘// Application Guidelines
♦ Player Info
Name: Your name. :3
Age: Anyone under 16 will NOT be accepted, sorry.
Journal: Your personal LJ.
Contact: Your email and messenger (preferably AIM or MSN).
Timezone/Availability: Your timezone and when you are/are not online.
Roleplay experience: How long have you been roleplaying, have you played the fandom before, etc. Pretty much whatever you want to tell us.
Games familiar with: Which of the FFVII compilation games have you played/Are you familiar with?

♦ Character Info
Character Name: If your character doesn't have a canon last name, make one up (unless you're a Turk).
Age: If you don't know, make a guess based on their appearance/the timeline.
Affiliation: ShinRa, AVALANCHE, Neutral, etc.
Occupation: What do they do?
Appearance: Physical appearance, style of dress, things of the sort.
Background: Your character's history up until game-start.
Personality: How they act, think, whatever.
Strengths: Better qualities and what they excel at.
Weaknesses: Faults and shortcomings.
Weapon(s)/Materia/Limits: If applicable.
Anything else? Anything else we should know.
Third-Person (Log) Sample: Sample tag should be at least 150 words, past tense. It should be in-character and should demonstrate as much of your character's voice as possible. Also, check your spelling and grammar, because the mods are spelling nazis. ♥
First-Person Sample: This sample should be the deciding factor on whether or not you understand your character's voice. You will be interacting with others like this much of the time, so it's very important. Though interaction is possible in first-person, *actions* should be downplayed, but if necessary, they should be in [brackets] or italicized. Journal format is acceptable since your character will be keeping one.

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✘// Application Form
Using the form below, please email your application to foreshockrpg [@] gmail.com. ♥

Be sure you have read the RULES, FAQ, and GUIDELINES before sending your application! That is all, and good luck! ♥